3B abstraction 2015 

3B – that is Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Budapest. The first meeting point of the South American, Mediterranean and Eastern Europen abstract expressionist painting takes place in Flux Gallery, where six young artist- one from Buenos Aires, two from Barcelona and three from Hungary- present their artworks based on colors, gestures and abstractions.



The two curators, Agustin Eyssartier and Ákos Bánki met two years ago in an atelierhouse in Barcelona. The first exhibition organised with their contribution took place last year in Latarka Gallery. The aim of the exhibition 3B is to continue the work and stimulate cooperations between artists from the two cities. The next stage of the exhibition series is going to take place in Barcelona.

Latarka Gallery, 2013-

Latarka is a young gallery established in 2013 by four curators: Tomasz Piars, István Bársony, Esse Bánki Ákos and me.  It gives space for emerging young artist from Hungary, Poland, and from other countries. Latarka is based in Polish Institute Budapest.


My curator project in 2013-2014

Borogass 15/ 05/2014

Budalona 29/4/2014

BŰN-TI, Mi és ŐK 06/03/2014

Girls know, boys doesn't... 09/01/2014

Layed-down 17/12/2013 

Ő-Univerzum 17/09/2013 

Reborn 27/09/2013 

Catalogue of my projects 2013-2014

B-side, 2013

Exhibition of young hungarian abstract painters

Organs& Ecstasy, 2012 

The exhibition represents the young generation of contemporary Hungarian art, the subversive tendencies, which point out to the crisis of displaying the body in an artistic way. The ecstasy of the organs means that the conventional boundaries of the body have been already dissolved, the human is inseparably mixed with the animal-machine-digital realities. At the same time this limit loss is a sensual, so an artistic event as well. In the ex-tasy, in the getting-outside-of himself comes the post-human perspective into being, which does not deny sexus and sexuality, just releases them from the shackles of the anthropocentric view. The bodies still enjoy and suffer, regardless of the body they are located, and whether there is any organism at all to which they belong. It is established, that the world’s magnificence has been enriched by a new, post-human beauty: the extasy of becoming-else. The ambivalent poetry of Organs & Extasy fills the wasteland between the beauty and the ugliness with transitional figures, which preserve traces of the social and aesthetic forms of humanism. However, it is the state of becoming-else, when we do not know whether to celebrate or bury the old order, rather we give free rein to the extasy of images. 

Roham Gallery 2010-2011

mű-Vész Pince, 2007-2008

The independent gallery "mű-Vész Pince" was established by three young artists Bánki Ákos, Esse Bánki Ákos and Tomasz Piars. During two years we organised 25 exhibitions for more than 100 artists. It functioned as a meeting place for young creators who were recently graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts.